My first attempt at writing this page was met with mixed results: some love and some confusion.  I had to chuckle at that because yeah, that tracks.  Here was my first attempt, short and sweet:


To borrow a phrase, this blog is about Life, The Universe, and Everything.  So if you are coming to this page to find out what it is all about, what can I tell you?  42.


Geeky huh?  If you’ve read Douglas Adams, you’ll get the reference.  If you haven’t, you will be thoroughly confused.  Douglas Adams wrote a trilogy… consisting of five books (I already love it), one of which was titled “Life, The Universe, and Everything.”  In this “trilogy,” we learn that the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.  We also learn not to panic… and to always carry a towel.  Hmm – I wonder if that is why I *insist* on carrying a towel in my car?  Good Lawd.  The Force is strong in this one — but now I’m crossing realms.

So here is my second attempt at an About page:


Hi everyone.  I don’t really have any answers.  I have some thoughts and feelings – you might like some, you might hate some, you might feel meh about some.  I’d like to know your thoughts and feelings too.  Maybe we can use this to start a conversation here and to start conversations elsewhere.

Thanks for being here, I appreciate it.